Bluetooth Headset BH 803 - Charge the battery

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Charge the battery

The headset has an internal, nonremovable, rechargeable battery. Do not
attempt to remove the battery from the headset, as you may damage the

1. Connect the charger to a wall outlet.

2. Connect the charger cable to the

charger connector. The indicator light is
red while charging. It may take a while
before charging starts. If charging does
not start, disconnect the charger, plug it
in again, and retry. Charging the battery
fully may take up to 1 hour with the AC-6 or DC-6 charger.

3. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light turns green.

Disconnect the charger from the headset and the wall outlet.

The battery can also be charged through the USB port of a compatible PC
using the Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101 (sold separately). Connect one
end of the

cable to the charger connector and the other end to the USB

port on the PC.

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G e t s t a r t e d


The fully charged battery has power for up to 6 hours of talk time or up to
160 hours of standby time. However, the talk and standby times may vary
when used with different compatible Bluetooth devices, usage settings,
usage styles, and environments.

When battery power is low, the headset beeps at regular intervals, and the
indicator light slowly flashes red.